Tear Through Correction

Tear troughs, eye bags and dark eyes patches are a cosmetic concern to many people. Tear trough is the protruding skin on the lower eyelid. As age cripples in, the skin starts to lose its elasticity and reduce in volume. As a result, the skin around the eye bags appears to be relatively bigger affecting the appearance of the face making you appear older.Tear trough correction is a method to treat the under eye hollowness. This condition is usually found in people who are above forty and aging. The tear trough correction method has become very popular as it yields higher success rates compared to other methods. Moreover, the results are visible in a very short period after the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What exactly is a tear trough?

The depressions between the lower eyelid and upper cheek are known as tear troughs. They extend outwards and downwards towards the cheek. Aging causes tear troughs to become deeper, longer, and more shadowed. While this is a normal part of aging, it can make a patient appear tired and worn rather than young and vibrant.

2. Are tear troughs caused by tears?

Contrary to popular belief, tear troughs are not caused by tears. They are the result of the face’s natural anatomy and the way layers of tissue and bone interact with one another.

3. Who is a good candidate for tear trough correction?

Any man or woman experiencing dark circles or ‘bags’ under their eyes may make an excellent candidate for tear trough correction.

4. How long does the tear trough correction take?

For tear trough correction, patients are typically out of the office in 30 minutes or less.

5. Does tear trough correction hurt?

Most patients experience minimal to no pain during tear trough correction. A numbing medicine may be used to reduce discomfort.

6. How long is the recovery period, after tear trough correction?

Little downtime is required after tear trough correction; patients are back to their normal routine in 24 hours.

7. How long will my tear trough results last?

Patients can expect their results to last from six to twelve month, even longer.

8. Can the results be reversed?

After receiving fillers for their under eye hollowness, patients are usually thrilled with the results. However, in the event a patient is dissatisfied for any reason, the results can be easily dissolved.