Keloid and Scar Reduction

Every time the skin is cut or damaged through its full thickness it will heal with a scar. Some people naturally make better scars than others. Scars which lie in the lines of skin tension tend to be better than ones that run across them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are keloid scars contagious?

No. They are benign, and not contagious.

2. How do keloid scars form?

After skin has been injured a scar is formed. The body produces excess collagen and connective tissues that extend beyond the original damaged area. They can grow to unsightly proportions.

3. What does a keloid look like?

Keloids are often round, oval, or oblong smooth-topped scars on the skin over sites of injury. However, they can be irregularly shaped with “claw-like” extensions into normal skin.

4. Where on the body does a keloid occur?

Keloids can occur anywhere on the body. However, they occur most often on the chest, upper back, shoulders, and earlobes.